Despite more than few decades of research, sedimentation is still probably the most serious technical problem faced by the water and irrigation industry worldwide.  As the sediments accumulate in reservoir, rivers and canal; the system gradually losses its ability to store or flow water for the purposes for which it was built (or its existence).  The problem if left unaddressed, may ultimately result in major flash floods and expiration of the system itself (ie. interruption of water supply for irrigation, problem to flood mitigation system, etc).

With vast experiences in dredging sediments off reservoirs, rivers, marinas, coastal, canals, etc. in several countries worldwide by a unique dredge system (that can be customised to meet customer’s project requirements ie. cutterhead, pumping system and propulsion systems; GlobalTechserve Marine through its associate (the world’s leader in design and construction of one truck transportable, self-propelled dredging systems) would be able to provide the solutions to the sedimentation problem within the said areas.

Advantages of Versatile Dredges/dredging system:

  • High productivity: up to 4 times over excavators and nearly twice more than other similar dredges
  • Patented Starwheel® Drive self-propulsion; no cable/tug
  • Able to operate anywhere on water, not just from sides
  • No extra work to operate and move a disposal barge, besides having to operate excavator
  • No wasted time unloading material into barge and moving elsewhere (no multiple-handling of material)
  • Horizontal cutterhead maintains even water bottom
  • Dredge allows consistent work pattern
  • Fewer workers, with low stress & danger
  • High-tech system; better public perception