dsc00749GlobalTechserve Marine Sdn Bhd specializes in providing services for underwater and marine solutions. The way we market our products and services are unique.  The Directors, and hence, owners of the company, are working directors who have good exposure in the oilfield Industry and relevant networking.  When we cater for you, we cater with care and responsibility to ensure you receive the right products and meet your expectations. We are committed to ensure that the solution we provide to you is of a high quality and value for money.  Equally important, GlobalTechserve Marine Sdn Bhd places customer’s values as the top main priority, such as offering appropriate post sales services section, to ensure customer’s feedback could be obtained to improve our services further. Statistically with the high demand of technical support, tools and equipment in the oil and gas industry, we believe that our services add value and contributing to smooth flowing of oil & gas and marine activities are much sought after. Our commitment is to provide an invaluable service support by providing a comprehensive total supply chain management solution via our trademark “Integrated Underwater Engineering Solutions” to each and every client’s project(s).