GlobalTechserve Marine Sdn Bhd vision is to become a preferred supplier of marine services to the oil & gas industry based on quality and reliability.  In materializing this vision, we have come up and integrated Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE) management system. Our QHSE philosophy is based upon internationally recognized standards and is supported by management commitment, personal accountability, training, fairness and performance measurement.

Accordingly, we are committed to

  • Meet or exceed all applicable QHSE laws, regulations and industry requirements related to our work activities in each and any country of where we operate.
  • Strive for zero harm to personnel and property by holding health and safety as our first priority.

To fulfill our commitment, we will

  • Ensure that all personnel will be held accountable for individual performance, and the performance of those working under our supervision whether working directly for us or on our behalf, works responsibly and will meet our QHSE standards in recognition of
  • Will ensure employee to be personally responsible for his/her own and others safety and towards meeting quality, health, safety and environmental objectives.
  • As financial, production and quality issues are vital to company, QHSE issues will be treated equally as well.
  • Inconsideration for environmental protection we provide the resources, training and development to ensure that work is carried out safely, professionally and with full commitment by our employees.

Our personnel are committed in adhering with QHSE Policy we implemented. We believe we will create a professional QHSE culture and striving harder to continuously improve our QHSE performance.

We have established Quality Policy below as part of our Quality Management System in accordance with ISO 9001 requirements

WE ARE dedicated:

  1. To engage experience qualified and competent personnel and provide training in executing the required jobs.               
  2. To ensure work is completed to a standard that meets client expectations and satisfaction and other statutory and regulatory requirements.
  3. To practice positive attitude “to do things right at the first time”
  4. To constantly measure and analyze the performance of our Quality Management System for effective implementation and continual improvement