GlobalTechserve Marine Sdn Bhd (832491-X) was formed to provide services in Marine and Oil & Gas industry within the asean region.  Being a 100% Bumiputera Company, GlobalTechserve Marine Sdn Bhd will strive to provide excellence and quality services at par with other marine services company in this region. The company aims to become one of the main players in marine services sector by focusing in supplying of relevant type of vessels, underwater diving / ROV services as well as supply of marine oil & gas products & services to the target clients.

Looking at current encouraging demand for oil and gas industry we believe there is a continuous need for the services that we offer. Apart from oil and gas companies we extend our services to shipyards, ship owners as well as governmental bodies.  The company’s business strategy is to continue to procure and supply the best services and to offer a workable solution so that our clients will receive best results for their investment.

GlobalTechserve  Marine Sdn Bhd  is an integrated subsea contractor which provide engineering and subsea services to the offshore oil and gas marine sectors. GlobalTechserve Marine Sdn Bhd suits client need in providing technical expertise at a very competitive price to successfully complete any of the assigned projects. It also comprises a team of dedicated professionals who adept in marine as well as oil & gas industries whose priority is to serve the clients and hence to achieve customers satisfaction. GlobalTechserve Marine Sdn Bhd is constantly looking at new technology and innovation to improve its services to meet the industry demand thus enabling us to stand tall among the major players in the industry.

GlobalTechserve Marine Sdn Bhd vital business approach would be to offer a quality, efficient and cost effective kind of services to our valued clients hence will create loyalty and long term business relationship. This will translate into a sustainable business growth.  The details of our services are further elaborated in this humble corporate profile for your ease of reference.  The company is dedicated to provide a top of the class services to meet clients’ demand and expectation.


GlobalTechserve Marine Company’s vision is to be the household name as a “Integrated Underwater Engineering Solutions” in the service company, providing a quality and value for money products and marine services.


The company mission is to provide comprehensive exemplary equipment and resources, technical services & support to the oil & gas, marine related industries inshore and offshore, hence to generate a sustainable business growth at a challenging but manageable rate. The objective is to become one of the major players in this region’s marine and oil & gas industry.

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