The services provided include onshore, offshore, shipcare and related works. Apart from the services mentioned above , GTMSB offer services on inspection, repair and maintenance ( IRM )for concrete structure, whereby we incorporate qualified structural engineer and technical personnel to access the concrete structural conditions, identifying type of defects in producing cracks/defects mapping so as to provide solutions to clients. We are also working with our associate to conduct the necessary testings and evaluations of concrete sample structures for under and above water in our testing lab. On completion of the work we produce high standard professional technical report and recommendations to our clients for their evaluation and preparation on the next course of action.In addressing the issue and solution to this , we have working relationship with our associate from Korea, Conclinic Ltd, where they have a method called retrofit system in providing reliable and effective underwater concrete repair technologies. In short , we believe we could provide the relevant services to our client without compromising quality as well as competitive in our pricing. Client could trust us as a “ One Stop Solution” should they require our services.

Below are some of the services which we could offer to our valued clients:

  • Engineering and Construction of Underwater / Subsea Structures onshore and offshore
  • Underwater Welding, Cutting, Drilling and Painting
  • Salvage Works
  • Cofferdam Construction


  • Underwater Concrete Inspections by Visual, Photographic, Video (GVI or CVI), NDT (Ultrasonic Testing via Underwater Ultrasonic Pulse Velocity Meter that meets international standards BS-4408 and ASTM C-597), Core Extraction (evaluation the effects of corrosion on the embedded reinforce steel, structure compressive strength, chloride and carbonation penetration into structure, sulphate & cement test, etc)


  • Rehabilitation and Retrofit Works of Underwater Structures ie. Dams, Bridges, Jetties, Tunnel, Pier, Wharf, Sewer, etc. by conventional method (formworks, grouting, high pressure grouting, etc.) and advance retrofit system (to coat and repair concrete & steel underwater structure against corrosion, erosion, etc.)


  • Underwater Ship Care Services ie. Propeller Super Polishing, Hull Cleaning, Blanking, NDT, Cofferdam Insert Repairs, etc.
  • Maintenance and Inspection of Vessel
  • Boat Landing Rubber Fender Installation


  • Hydrojet Cleaning
  • Silt and Scour Survey
  • Ground Truthing
  • Marine Growth Survey Inspection and Marine Growth Cleaning / Removal
  • Maintenance of Pile Structures by Jacket Installation, etc.
  • Sediment Removal by Dredging (Hydraulic Submersible Pump) and / or Air Lifting
  • Underwater / Subsea Pipeline and Cable Laying Support, Inspection and Repair
  • SBM Installation, Inspection and Maintenance
  • Geo-membranes Installation
  • Dam & Penstock Inspection
  • Dam Repair & Maintenance
  • Wharf/Jetty Fender Maintenance
  • Outfall & Tunnel Inspection
  • Cable Route Survey
  • Dock, Piers & Jetties Inspection & Repairs
  • Bridge Inspection & Maintenance
  • Inspection & Maintenance of Power Plant Intake
  • Underwater Inspection of Steel Structures by Visual, Photographic, Video (GVI or CVI) and NDT (UT, ET, MPI, CP and FMD)
  • Offshore IRM (Inspection, Repair and Maintenance) of platforms, rigs, pipeline, etc.
  • Offshore Subsea Installations ie. Riser, Riser Support Clamp, PLEMS, Subsea Tie-ins, Jackets, etc.
  • Underwater Remote Solutions by Integrated Services comprises of Commercial Diving, ROV, Hydrographic, Oceanographic, Acoustic and laser Services and Technologies.
  • Underwater Blasting/Painting
  • Anode Installation